How carbs rule my life

I can’t pass up a good deal if it involves either self-humiliation or carbs.

You want me to dance like a robot in Safeway? Done.

Sourdough loaves on for $1.39? I’ll take 4, minimum. Free bread at the Keg? Seconds please, I will pass on dessert!

But this week marks the largest quantity of carbohydrates purchased at once coupled with the best price. Somehow I have found my way into buying potatoes wholesale.

My love affair with potatoes began at a young age. They were consistently one of the few foods that my weird food hang-up texture difficulties could navigate with ease. Squishy, squirty cooked veggies… Blech!

When I left home I even became quite the cook of potatoes. I aim to find even more delicious ways to prepare them. Mashed, wedges, baked, fried, accordioned, BBQed…. They bring me comfort.

As someone with Norwegian heritage, lefse was a great one to learn from my grandmother.

So wholesale potatoes… Well they come in large portions.

Somehow on Thursday afternoon I came to be in possession of 50 pounds of potatoes for the low price of 10 dollars.

I have to make a dent in these… This is ridiculous even for me.

Friday, brought oven wedges. Saturday, I made lefse and pawned off some raw potatoes and lefse to a friend who helped me make not only the lefse but also another Norwegian, carb-loving dish, flatbread.


I plan to spread more of my love of these tubers…. Like a potato fairy of lore. Because look at what I still have left…



Once again

So it looks like my sister-in-laws and I will be doing the half marathon again next year. My running has been non-existent since the race. Also, my big toenails are blue so I anticipate them falling off sometime soon. I blame it on my lack of wicking socks. Potential Christmas gift idea?

I hope to resume training soon with some swimming but in the meantime November is squat month again. It involves some ridiculous whining on my part, along with some cajoling by my husband.

How my May is looking. (Week 15)

The only thing I have going for me right now that I no longer am in an office job. So I am standing most of the day. This job also makes me less punchy and kicky towards others. But my sarcasm skills are being finely honed to perfection. I think that counts as exercise.

I also totally worked out my arms rolling out flatbread and lefse today. I am a veritable health guru. Seriously, I can answer your health questions. *

*answers may or may not be complete fabrications