It has been a long time, old friend

I completed my half marathon last year. I was faster than the year before but far more complainy (new word) and having trouble breathing because of a cold.

Luckily, I had my sister-in-law’s company and urging. It both was hard to breathe while running and hurt when I tried to walk to catch my breath. I was not a class act by any means.

But I have moved on to something else in my fitness journey. I think because I have fitness ADD.

I LIFT HEAVY THINGS. That was not intended to be all caps.

Stronglifts 5×5 has been good to me. I never have to leave my house when the weather hates me, it doesn’t take hours to get in what I need for my workout, and I can make my pecs dance (though they have less rhythm than I usually do.)

This blog will serve again as my accountability on this journey to…. (Insert idea here.)


insert feedback; receive imaginary token of awesome

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