The Girl

Some fascinating insights into my character from those near and dear to me:

“Vanessa can often be found chewing on her own earlobes as she ponders mysteries deep and mysteriously. Should I drink a coffee? Make a post-it coworker to apply to my chair when I need a nap? She also enjoys long walks through Safeway and dancing in public.”

Rebecca awesome pants

“I first met Vanessa when we were performing as Vegas show girls, we were in the chorus line and liked it there.

One day, a Very Important Client came into the hotel and spotted us and liked what he saw and asked us if we were available. When we questioned his motives, he assured us that his intentions were pure and that we would be well compensated. We conferred with each other and decided to accept the offer. The next thing we knew, we were taken through the bowels of the hotel and snuck into the client’s hotel room where we were asked to care for his daughters and their puppies so Vanessa and I performed shadow puppet versions of our favourite Disney classics.

We remained there until one day we left.

The end.”

Solange the wise


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