The Inspiration

I decided to take on this writing and running challenge due to some fabulous blogs and awesomeness.

My cousin-in-law’s blog: Healthy Food Choices to make you Salivate (okay that’s not the title but it SHOULD be)

A blog that reminds me that I need to learn to sew better and more frequently.

And then a myriad of make me laugh sites:

The reason I randomly exclaim, “This chicken will cut you!”

A girl I regularly laugh along with, (even though she doesn’t know I exist).

A dude I met at a friend’s wedding in Atlanta.

These among a myriad of talented personal blogs of friends, theology blogs (I am a nerd about that stuff), and whatever else has peaked my interest have convinced me to just do it.

Good, bad, or ugly… I am in it for the long haul.


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