The long and the short of it (Week 3 Day 2)

Motivation to work out versus Motivation to sleep in

On an average day this is about 50:50 thinking.

This morning it was about 10:90.

I am shocked that I ran. I went back to sleep for 10 minutes which usually will slay all motivation to work out. But somehow I was raised from the comfort of my bed.

Once I began I was glad I didn’t sleep in. It was a balmy (haha) – 7 degrees Celsius. The air was crisp but there was no wind. Glorious!

The first 6 minutes of the run was on clear pavement; I hit a nice stride and my ankles did not have to continually battle the snow. I even had a good pace going for that 6 minutes.

The last 19 minutes were injury defying!

Ice, Ice, baby… (sing along with me)

When I hit the icy patches I either did a high-knees, short-stride, crazy type run (which would have been hilarious to watch…. maybe I should demo it…) or I had to walk it. I slowed my running considerably but my concentration on ‘not falling’ took my mind off of my usual pain and clock-watching and grumbling. BB King also helped lead the way. I love that man.

How did my story of running turn into my proclamation of love to BB King? I actually wondered why it had not been mentioned before now.

I fell in love with BB King (in that grandpa sort of way) when I was lucky enough to see him in concert in 1998…1999? When was that Froggie? But it was truly magical and I needed that kind of magic this morning.

In the end, (awkward segue) I made it 2.24 miles.

Also, with the help of friends I will be revamping my section in this blog that is labelled “The Girl” so I encourage you to write my bio. It has already begun.


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