How my May is looking. (Week 15)

How my May is looking. (Week 15)

You don’t need to be able to breathe much to start this challenge and so my husband volunteered me to do this with him.

Edited to add: I was not impressed but started it last night anyway in my pjs and bathrobe.

Adding more: Sorry to give you a scary vision like that… instead think of a cute image. Like a penguin covered in ice cream.

Only one more edit I promise: I decided to search if there was a picture of a penguin covered in ice cream; there isn’t. But look at what cute thing I did find!


4 thoughts on “How my May is looking. (Week 15)

  1. Now I like penguins….. they are for sure cute…. and icecream is always good…… ur mind cracks .how u think…..
    I was debating about doing that challenge…… maybe we could together…..but not sure how my knees would tolerate

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