Week 2 Day 3

I am cheap. I would rather find a way to make something work (that I already own) rather, than buying the proper tool for the job.

Example 1:

I bought the wrong vacuum bags so I used part of the old vacuum bag (which was the wrong kind too but I had made that one work) and some zip ties to form a seal that fits the bag snugly to the vacuum.

Example 2:

Running gear

So it was no surprise when early this morning I fashioned an iPad strap (With zip ties of course) to attach my elliptical to my sweet sweet giver of Netflix, my iPad (for those of you not acquainted with my new friend who appeared at Christmas). I would give the iPad a name but that would surely spur jealousy from my own husband.

But watching TV does make working out better. AND treats make TV better… potential plan in the works?

The run elliptic slide movement is so much different than running outside. I feel like my legs are doing something wrong and I am disjointed in my actions and my elliptical needs a couple bolts tightened (just don’t tell my husband because he said that to me over a year ago…) In short, I am whining today.

Please *do* let me know if I become even more whiny because that is not my intent at all. In fact, I am not sure if I even have an intent. Maybe just the fact that I am writing to keep motivated? That sounds pretty lacklustre.

Hooray, stay motivated.

Maybe I need a secondary purpose to the blog?

  1. Keep motivated
  2. Something super cool and interesting

If you have any ideas please let me know.

Also, I vow to tell you all I know about wheelbarrow man sometime soon.

I think an early bed time is in order. I have been half-asleep and in ‘la la land’ all day. I’ll send you a postcard.



Week 2 Day 1 & 2



Paying for 25 minutes on a treadmill ūüė¶

Annabelle did well this morning. Remote starter worked (until it didn’t).

As I ran to the car at 5:20 am I was extremely glad I wasn’t outside.

-42 degrees Celsius

Thank you Weather Network for giving me this warning:

“Cold Arctic air has moved into Northern and Central Alberta. Frigid temperatures near the minus 30 degree mark combined with winds of 20 to 30 km/h will continue to give extreme wind chill values below minus 40. Wind chills will moderate and climb above minus 40 later this afternoon when the winds diminish. At these extreme wind chill values frostbite on exposed skin may occur in less than 10 minutes.”

As I walked into the workout room I was keenly aware that this group of people were regulars and I may be throwing off their entire system by grabbing a machine.

Knowing that I had to return home to shower and get my child ready for school; I braved the possibility of cold stares and angry patrons.

My first treadmill run was not inspiring. I saw all these fancy connections and buttons labelled “iPod” and “TV” and they both lied. Could it just be my old iPod refusing to be acknowledged by new technology? I didn’t have time to find out. The audacity of that machine of death. And there was no TV. Just none.

As I ran I noticed that my mind wandered far less. Being alone with my odd thoughts is one of the benefits of running outside. But maybe indoors the other people can hear those thoughts. They are rather loud. Friggin’ terrifying.

I compiled a list of pros and cons for each type of running:

Running outside
Pros Cons
fresh air the elements
fanciful imagination If I hurt myself I could have a far, slower trip home
rabbits If I slow down it takes me forever to get home
wheelbarrow man
ability to look like a fool and not care
Running inside
Pros Cons
Two words: climate control shared stale air?
fancy buttons that spur me to run faster and at a steep incline being terrified of my fanciful imagination
I don’t want to draw attention to myself


In conclusion, *ahem* running outside is better for those who are crazy (or hope to be one day.)

Week 2 Overview

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Extras 30 squats 15 burpees 30 push-ups 30 sit-ups 5 manmakers 30 push-ups 20 lunges
2 Rest 20 Minutes 30 min 20 Minutes Bootcamp Rest 2.5 Miles
run cross train run

Week 2 looks exactly like week 1. This was by design. I knew the first week would be the worst in terms of the daily routine. So I wanted a chance to get it correct before moving on to tougher things.

An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets.¬†He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.‚ÄĚ ~Emil Zatopek.

I liked this quote a) because the dude was a runner so he should know something b) I never have any money to run with so I can complete at least a third of this quote without even trying c) I do run with day dreams in my head d) I am still working on the hope thing (regarding running that is).

I was glad that I had my rest day set for Saturday this past week. I ended up¬†getting¬†a¬†migraine. It is one¬†of¬†the “oh so fun” symptoms of Premature Ovarian Failure or Primary Ovarian¬†Insufficiency¬†(whichever term you feel like using).

I rarely got migraines until my daughter was born. Once she turned a year old they came fast and furious. I returned to University at that time and I would have hot flashes and then seemingly randomly I would have a migraine the next day. It took me quite some time to put those two occurrences together but knowing when I could probably predict them helped me greatly before I was on any type of medication.

I don’t have them very frequently any more (hooray HRT?) but now that I am¬†susceptible¬†to them I tend to get them for a¬†myriad¬†of reasons.

Thus I have developed a system for when I do get a migraine:

  1.  take my medication (switch my patch normally)
  2.  take a pain reliever (to placate my husband)
  3. drink a lot of liquids (in case I am dehydrated)
  4. eat a slice of toast with peanut butter (in case I am hungry)
  5. slam a cup of coffee (in case it is caffeine related)
  6. cold compress on forehead (ice pack or cloth with ice cubes in it)
  7. hot compress on neck and back (magic bag)
  8. darkness
  9. And pray that I don’t get sick to my stomach

This Saturday it didn’t come to #9. It was extremely painful from the time I woke up to about 1 pm. Then it began to subside and I was able to get on with my day.

I am going to make sure Friday nights that I drink enough liquids. My workout was tough enough that I may have been a tad dehydrated.

My plan for the week is to get this routine down.

Week 1 Day 7

Sunday was supposed to be my long run outside day. But due to poor planning, it didn’t happen (when husband is away… something something play?)

Apparently, you can’t just go for a run in the morning and leave your 6 year old at home and asleep in bed, alone.


But I did manage to remain active throughout the day. I did some time (that sounds positively penal) on the elliptical and I went swimming with my daughter. I also braved the Superstore for an hour and a half in between. And if I had not promised my daughter swimming I would have went home after that trip and relaxed on the couch. My hatred of large stores with small children is continually compounded when my daughter is spending over 10 minutes making a decision about whether to buy a $3.00 notebook, one for $2.49, or another for $1.49. All this discussion over a tool to track her stuffed animals’ sicknesses. Really.

Especially because after all that she decided to save her money for something else so she didn’t use up “all her dollars”.

Now let’s magically get back on track with this entry.


I am glad I did take her swimming. 1) Because she needs to work on her front swim (because she wants to get to ‘level 2 where there are games’) 2) I love the water and after my brutal workout on Friday I was still sore and the water felt so very nice 3) Hot tub 4) I spied the indoor gym at our local swimming pool while I was there.

Knowing where that is happens to be extremely beneficial to my workout tomorrow. Beneficial in the way that means I will actually work out tomorrow. I refuse to run outside tomorrow.

You heard read that correctly. I refuse to run outside tomorrow.

The forecast is a bone-chilling -27 degrees Celcius (-16.6 F) with a wind of doom to bring it down to -38 degrees (-36.4 F). D:

I am pretty sure that if I googled “running when it is -38 degrees” it would call me some non-pleasant names and then insult my mother.

Wow. I am not brave enough for that.

So instead, tomorrow I will get dressed and be at the local swimming pool (provided poor Annabelle, the car, will start) and hit the treadmill at 5:30 am. And my body will thank me.

Week 1 Day 5 & 6

Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Though it was questionable at a few points yesterday.

Last night on my training schedule was bootcamp.

My first bootcamp experience was at the beginning of the summer in 2011. Both my husband and I had been inactive for probably around a decade (other than the periodic sprees of activity that I put myself through). We had both saw a groupon for bootcamp class for twenty dollars for the entire month (and up to 4 classes per week) and we decided it was worth a try.

The workouts were all in the evening and thanks to a wonderfully supportive posse of friends to babysit (for free) we were able to attend all four nights.

These nights showcased our inexperience and our lack of physical prowess. I remember my first ever burpee. It was the first workout and after seeing the demonstration I could only do half a burpee. Seriously, that is all that I had in me.

The other thing bootcamp revealed is the fact that the two of us (husband and I) were dedicated and hardworking. After two weeks my pitiful half burpee had turned into doing one hundred in a row as the beginning warmup.

It is safe to say that those classes changed both our lives. We enjoyed working out together and getting fit and encouraging each other through the tough days. Unfortunately, at the same time with multiple babysitters and little consistency our daughter had turned into a holy terror. Temper tantrums were coming fast and furious and with some soul searching I decided to be the one to drop out.

My husband continued to get fit and eventually moved from all bootcamps to mainly crossfit classes with some bootcamp thrown in once per week. I did my smattering of couch to 5k and p90x but it was far less consistent.

Jump forward to December of last year. Quinn took me to crossfit for our 11 year anniversary. He remembered how much he liked to work out with me that day and almost immediately bought me a pass to attend Friday bootcamps with him at the Crossfit Machine Shop.

Last week was our first class together and he was positively giddy with excitement. (He is a sick and twisted individual.) At the same time I was quaking with fear.

And last night I considered not going because I would be alone (since my husband had previous commitments.)

But I went… and I paid the price for going.

We played ‘cards’.

Each suit was a different workout and the number on the card was the number you had to do (and sometimes more evilly the number on the card was doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled).

And that is how I nearly died.

I drew another set of cards (at the end of finishing two sets already) the ‘meanest thing ever’.

Bosu ball push-ups.

In my deck (with only one small card in between) I had a King -worth 10- and an Ace -worth 11- which sounds pretty bad. But that was not it because those exercises were multiplied by 4. So I had to do 84 of those push-ups total.


Week 1 Day 4

Every twinge of pain has me worried. My co-workers (thanks) told me about these marathon runners whose toenails fell off due to the stress they put their body through.

Now I am paranoid.

Not the type of paranoid that researches how valid and true those claims are (I am too scared to do that) but I did find myself overanalyzing my run today.

Oh I tried to block it all out. I tried to focus on the two jackrabbits that ran down the city streets with me today. I tried to put thoughts in their minds as they hopped throughout the neighbourhood. (These were clearly training bunnies for some secret animal helper society sent to get me in shape.) But I kept getting drawn back to thinking about my bad breathing and my sore body and how much harder the ground felt today.

When I ran into my wheelbarrow man friend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to figure out how to tell you how awesome and mysterious he is so I can write about him. But instead of figuring out ingenious ways to tell his story, I wondered if my knees were okay and I wondered why my thighs and hands were much colder than on the last run.

It didn’t help that my iPod is sorely lacking new music (iTunes + Dell laptop circa 2007= neither work) so I have not downloaded anything new since 2010 (maybe even 2009 if I am being honest with myself). This same music that was fast paced and kept me moving for couch to 5k has now become ineffective and monotonous.

So I focused on my pain and the cold.

Utterly bad.

And the sad part about all this pain and complaining is that the only pain that even lasted after the run was that my hip sockets hurt a tiny bit.

Google answer: could be from running on snow and having your feet slipping back

Maybe if I run to BB King I will at least be entertained again.

On an unrelated note, I was at a staff Christmas supper tonight and my boss picked out Winnie the Pooh characters to describe all of us. Can any of you guess which character was picked for me?

Week 1 Day 3

I probably sound like a broken record (here is a link for the young crowd that might not know what that means) but I have no experience or training to take on this task.

When I began to plan early this month I needed information quickly and accurately on how to train step-by-step for a half marathon. Again google was my friend. Most of the programs that I found (okay all of them) were 12-16 weeks long and either assumed that you already run x number of miles per week or that you would run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes for the entire program. None of them suited where I was and am. So I knew I needed some time (and microsoft excel) to figure out what to do over the 33 weeks.

Every program I saw had a day or two labelled: Cross Train or the more ‘hip’ sites said XT.

I didn’t know what those meant. So I ignored them and set out to work and plan.

Finally After I had pasted one of the completed tentative training tables into excel, it was time to finally to figure out what I had to do to ‘cross-train.’ In my mind it could have been a mythical religion-mobile or something equally as fantastical. Seriously, please don’t laugh. I didn’t know what the term meant. It is a secret (not any more) shame.

One of the sites was very nice and told me, “On easy days, you can cross-train with an activity such as cycling or using an elliptical trainer.” I was very excited because we own an elliptical which meant I could actually do XT or Cross Training.

But then I was hit with the awful truth. Something that I had not even considered.

I thought I could do all my winter training on the elliptical.

Now, I had to brave the winter.

Now, I have to run outside.

As you may have read I was successful yesterday and today was my easy day, inside and warm and nothing but the comforts of home. So this morning at 5 am I got on my elliptical and I watched the first episode of the IT crowd on Netflix. 23 minutes of show and 7 minutes of deciding what-to-do-to-occupy-myself-for-the-next-seven-minutes later, I was finished. I dragged my butt up to the kitchen, drank some more water, made myself a slice of toast with peanut butter, and waited for it to be 6 am so I could head to the shower.

I was barely moving at all on the elliptical, I may have been still asleep and I was ready for bed again right afterwards.

Weirdly Psychotically I preferred running outside yesterday. Was it more difficult? Yes. Was it cold? Oh yeah. Did I curse some swears? More than a few.

But I was actually awake when I finished and the cold kept me moving faster.

Feel my head. I might be coming down with something.