Back in the saddle

So what has happened since November 2013?

Not much. Not much at least when we talk about structured workouts.

Things that have happened:

Full-time teaching job began near the end of November. And then my part time barista job began at the beginning of December.

As you can imagine, two jobs plus a family kept me hopping and going from place to place with little time for anything else.

Then, early this year, I was hit with a terrible block of illness.

So those are my excuses. Excuses are my friends, they are always there for me and helping me to not totally judge myself. Excuses will always make time for me. I love you excuses!

Anyhow, that was a bit off topic.

This summer started with vacation!

I was off to the cabin for my running season to really begin.

And then the monsoon season began.


Water came down and came down and never quit coming down.

And even when it did, it left some changes in the landscape and waterscape.

But I got out for a few runs. Some were even accompanied by my daughter on her bike.


So I think I am back into the swing of things. And with two longer runs in the past couple days, I am feeling much better about September and rocking this half marathon again.


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