How carbs rule my life

I can’t pass up a good deal if it involves either self-humiliation or carbs.

You want me to dance like a robot in Safeway? Done.

Sourdough loaves on for $1.39? I’ll take 4, minimum. Free bread at the Keg? Seconds please, I will pass on dessert!

But this week marks the largest quantity of carbohydrates purchased at once coupled with the best price. Somehow I have found my way into buying potatoes wholesale.

My love affair with potatoes began at a young age. They were consistently one of the few foods that my weird food hang-up texture difficulties could navigate with ease. Squishy, squirty cooked veggies… Blech!

When I left home I even became quite the cook of potatoes. I aim to find even more delicious ways to prepare them. Mashed, wedges, baked, fried, accordioned, BBQed…. They bring me comfort.

As someone with Norwegian heritage, lefse was a great one to learn from my grandmother.

So wholesale potatoes… Well they come in large portions.

Somehow on Thursday afternoon I came to be in possession of 50 pounds of potatoes for the low price of 10 dollars.

I have to make a dent in these… This is ridiculous even for me.

Friday, brought oven wedges. Saturday, I made lefse and pawned off some raw potatoes and lefse to a friend who helped me make not only the lefse but also another Norwegian, carb-loving dish, flatbread.


I plan to spread more of my love of these tubers…. Like a potato fairy of lore. Because look at what I still have left…



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