Attempt #746658 (Week 34)

I don’t know why the ‘yay I did it’ post is the toughest to write. Maybe because the mocking of myself comes more naturally than the praise. That and it is way more fun to write about the mishaps, the failures, and my complete lack of experience in running.


But now I have completed a half marathon. And didn’t seriously injure myself. And I felt pretty good about that. IT IS LIKE,UP IS DOWN AND LEFT IS RIGHT! THE WORLD DOESN’T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE!

So I would like to lay blame on those whose encouragement broke my brain:

  • For my 3 amazing sister-in-laws, whose tenacity was without relent and who provided me with rides, lodging, and running partners (special note for Cassidy who first had the crazy idea)
  • For the random other runners/walkers that participated… How awesome to spend time watching others in the same state of body punishment as me (I am aware that makes me sound like a horrible person)
  • For my fans… Those who knew my name on the sidelines and for those who didn’t but were equipped with high fives, ‘Go Random Stranger Go’ signs, jelly beans, volunteers with Gatorade and water, and everyone else
  • For my family, providing me a wonderful plant, proud words, a place to debrief and boast, and a lunch to dine on to recover
  • For all those who told me they were thinking about me as I ran
  • For the random house with the sign that there was beer ahead… And there was… Even though I couldn’t partake 10 km in… The laughter was worth it
  • For my brain, who somehow enjoyed it and made me smile and dance
  • For my family, who is supportive in every harebrained scheme
  • For thoughts of a loved one, as I ran by the cemetery where she was laid
  • For the volunteer who told us it was the last hill til the finish line
  • Seriously, I am in awe of the entire situation.

    You are all awesome.



    Packing up (Week 33)

    Today marks a day and a weekend of changes.

    I had my last day of full time, permanent employment. I am now in the world of scrambling, casual, unpredictable employment. This makes me nervous and messes with my brain.

    I made the choice a month ago that if I was ever going pursue my dream, it should be now.

    Most of my dreams involve fanciful hilarity and sarcasm; this one is different.

    I earned my B.Ed in 2010. I want to teach.

    So I shot-putted my future and my family’s future. NO PRESSURE. And I hope to find a position in a school or at least enough substitute teaching to keep us with a roof and ramen.

    So this weekend, along with being a major milestone in stupidity athleticism, is also a transition and a leap of faith.

    So today I packed up my office and I packed my bag for the airport tomorrow.

    Are either of these the right move? It is too soon to tell.

    Life is changing.

    Where have you been all my life? (Week 33)

    I have been alive; I have had both successes and failures, probably more of the latter than the former.


    • Fairly active this entire summer.
    • Running with a small child learning to ride a bike. Seriously though, I think my child will never be able to ride and it will be all MY fault. I am terrible at this.
    • Running without above small child.
    • Running over HILLS WITHOUT injuring myself. (proof below)
    • Eating better. This was not part of the plan but I am pretty happy about it.


    • Keeping up a schedule of running and a plan (also have never kept up a flan either).
    • Running at a quicker pace. I AM SO SLOW.
    • Injuring my knee while crossing my legs during a job interview. It doesn’t hurt much to stand or run but sitting, kneeling, or lying down are all incredibly painful. So sleeping is terrible.
    • Writing about this journey. Life has been busy and work has been busy and decision making is hard.
    • Leaning on others for support. Because I am a stubborn fool.

    But this weekend will be the end of my running journey (permanently?).

    21.1 km through Regina.

    Gasping and crying and wanting to stop.

    Chugging copious amounts of liquid for a thirst that cannot be quenched.

    With a group of four of us sister-in-laws who are all in dire need of more training, more time, and the strength to make it through.

    We will do it though.

    And then we will get our sweaty, stinky, exhausted bodies together and hold each other up and take a picture of this journey.