The Truth (Week 10 Day 4)

I survived this morning. I ran around my treacherous neighbourhood while still feeling off from the amount of food I had last night.

But the truth is my daughter is going through a growth spurt and if I DIDN’T eat all those Yorkshire puddings there would have been no hope. Last night my 6 year polished off 3 Yorkshire puddings, a big salad, and a hamburger (random I know but it was leftover night). This morning so far (it is only 9:30) she has had a bowl of corn pops and milk, half a banana, two full glasses of smoothie, and just now two slices of multigrain toast. So I ate more quickly and stuffed myself last night for the two three reasons: 1. I am a moron 2. I was so hungry 3. I was trying to take food from my child…

I feel this spring is kicking my butt. It was super nice out (-3 degrees Celsius) but the amount of ice I am going to be on for weeks is astounding.

This is the point I usually start running at:


So I kept it slow to watch for hazards. I thought about switching to the road but the uneven, frozen, slush terrain made me rethink that idea.


And finally, I shuddered to think about how long it would take for these snow banks to be gone so I could have solid ground again.


I blissfully ran at 6:30 this morning instead of 5 am. I took the day off and the extra sleep was just what I needed.

I better go… My daughter has been without food for 10 minutes so she is probably looking for something to snack on.


And I had been doing so well (Week 10 Day 3)

I am a moron.

I have to run tomorrow and we had a late supper. I repeat, I have to run tomorrow. The problem with late suppers is that my body gets cranky when not fed or watered on time. Like VERY cranky and miserable….

And then I overeat. (Did I mention I have to run tomorrow?) I don’t want to tell you the number of Yorkshire puddings I ate tonight… It is truly embarrassing and stupid. I don’t feel well.

How I am going to drag this stomach full of food and carbs outside in the morning? Outside, where I have to go… for my run.

I have been doing quite well up to now; mostly eating healthy portions and throwing in some veggies for good measure.

I need to prepare food sooner.

Late supper = cranky and famished = eating enough for 4 people = stomach ache = idiotic blog entry

Also, I have to run tomorrow.

Quiz Show? (Week 10)

So in an effort to keep myself sane I decided that today I would give you quotes. These quotes are from 3 different sources:

  1. Things that were said (by myself or someone else) on the spa weekend
  2. Thoughts I had while swimming my SEVENTEEN laps this morning
  3. Random movie quotes

Random quotes (you decide which was which):

“Don’t be telling me about foot massages”

“One time I drooled on their foot when I was getting a massage”

“It burns!” “But it will heal quicker!”

“Somebody help me. I’m being spontaneous!”

“Quick! We need to do some origami!”

“How can you even go that slow”

“People from New York are SO rude” “I grew up in New York”

“Why does that line have to be crooked?”

“…And that’s the side”

“Remember who you are”

“Maybe it would help if I breathe”

“Don’t get the water in your mouth”

“Haha, you are deformed”

“I remember when I ran away to your house”

“I’m having a birthday party, but you’re not invited but you can come if you want”

“How are you going to make it look ‘not brown’?”

“Always look on the bright side of life”

“Of course we couldn’t find it; you need to drive through back alleys and parking lots”

“Wasn’t supposed to snort the water…”

“That is disgusting!”

“I wasn’t sure if they were dead or just floating… they look dead”

“Quit judging me, old man!”

Do you have any guesses?

Exercising in the Unusual (Week 9)

I did get some workouts done earlier in the week but I am not going to focus on them. Instead I am going to talk about the additional things I am doing for (and sometimes to the detriment of) my mental health.

I am prone to depression or simply just ‘being unable to see things for what they are’. So when things that are ACTUALLY tough hit, I am rendered nearly helpless.These goggles cloud my perception but they influence my reality and then my reality takes it out on my friends and family. I become unable to do the things I want to do. I get bogged down in restless thoughts. I have been teetering on this precipice for the past few weeks.

So when a great friend offered me a chance at rest, relaxation, and spa, this was not something I would turn down.

Exercise Caution

Because I had to drive on one of the worst days for roads and snowfall I was glued to highway hotline and AMA road reports sites. Okay, I may have been also glued to twitter, numerous Facebook groups, and the radio as well. Making the decision to travel was smart. I had clear visibility and often times a very boring drive. Especially when my daughter won’t respond to my questions because she was reading her new Ivy and Bean book, Judy Moody, or watching a DVD.

But I took it slower just to be cautious.

Exercise Flexibility

I had also planned to drive the entire way Thursday but because I left earlier (and partially to appease my mother) I decided to stop somewhere for the night. I am not without awesome people along the road and so we stayed with my cousin and his family. Also hearing the next morning that the roads maybe needed a plow from the overnight snow, I detoured to a friend’s house to have breakfast with her family.

Then when I got to my destination, my family came to my rescue. My cousin watched my daughter while my friend and I had facials. And that evening for the hotel stay, supper, and massages, my aunt was generous enough to keep her for a sleepover.

Not knowing what was going on throughout the weekend caused me a lot of worry but being blessed by awesome people made it possible.

Exercise Patience

I have been working on this. I still suck at it so let us move on.

Exercise Buoyancy

Some days I struggle just to float over the garbage (the stuff inside and out). On my trip on the weekend I was able to float like nothing else (mostly due to the mineral pool). I have my own personal mantra right now: Just Don’t Sink.

An Exercise in Forgiveness

I am not perfect at anything I do. My process with these workouts, my job, my anger, my parenting, and in every other facet of my life I am keenly aware of my own inadequacies. I need to forgive myself and move on. I need to forgive others and move on. I need forgiveness to move on.

****We will get back to our regularly scheduled blog about me hurting my body and pretending to know what I am doing this week.



Catching Up (Week 8 Day 7)

The plan for this morning was the long run. I thought maybe I could hit the gym at the right time and have everything line up in my day accordingly.

However, while lying in bed last night I had a thought. Thinking is probably dangerous both in and out of the pool. But I did it anyway.

I realized that though I was super slow at the air squats -which happened at crosscamp on Friday- and I was super terrified to hurt my knee again, I somehow managed to make it through 192 without injury. So maybe -just maybe- I could strengthen my knee so I can stop babying it. I decided this morning to brave the elliptical downstairs.

Bonuses to using the elliptical rather then going to the gym:

  • It is in my basement so I can go on it for longer
  • Potentially strengthen my knee
  • Watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix (I am a 76 year old woman at heart)
  • Using weights for my arms while I am on it
  • Not having to sweep snow off my car
  • It didn’t cost me $6.50
  • 50 minutes later with sore arms and legs (and knowing who the killer was) I was finally done. And my knee was good. I just kept it slow and steady.

    I am looking forward to clear pavement and fresh air.

    BTW an update to the crosscamp workout on Friday (and partially so I don’t forget how much I hated it) it was:
    200 kettlebell swings
    100 push-ups
    192 air squats (didn’t make it to 200)
    And 100 woodchopper sit-ups

    The Silly (Week 8 Day 6)

    Yesterday I had a first.

    My arms were dead after the crosscamp. Could it be the 200 kettle bell swings and 100 push-ups back-to-back nearly killed me? (Not that my legs were doing that well… 192 air squats. Or my abs either… 100 woodchop sit-up things). But my arms are small and weak.

    So after the workout last night I was glad I had preplanned a dinner consisting of leftovers.

    After I cleared my plate in record time I glanced over at one of my best friends, my dishwasher. Remembering that it was full of cleaned dishes I was suddenly upset.

    I made the choice to hand wash the dinner dishes. I hate doing the dishes. I dislike the counter space it takes up, It takes too long, I always manage to throw the dirtiest dish in near the beginning so I have to get new water for my glasses, and the list goes on and on. That is why we rented a place with a dishwasher.

    So why did I decided to do the dishes by hand last night? It was for the simple fact that I did not think I could lift the cups and plates to the upper cupboards in the kitchen. My arms could not even be lifted to shoulder-height much less above it.

    Kettle bells will be my undoing.

    Daydreams (Week 8 Day 6)

    Lately I have been daydreaming about something. It consumes many of my thoughts and hopes. It is simple and mundane. I simply dream of having 2 vehicles for our household.

    My husband and I have been ‘making due’ with just the one vehicle for the entirety of our relationship. Think almost 13 years next month.

    On some occasions we have to rent vehicles for a time just to make life continue to hum. Take for example next weekend when my daughter and I head to another province while my husband has to work and uses (and frankly needs) the vehicle to do that. So I rented a car for next weekend.

    Now if that were the only type of occasion which warranted another car then we would continue to plug along with Annabelle the Ford Taurus. But today made me crazy.

    My husband had a workout east of Edmonton at 10 am and then had to work on the north end of Edmonton at 12:30 pm. This works out great as he can take the vehicle to crossfit, then come home and shower, and head to work right after. This works out great except for the fact that my daughter had a birthday party to attend on the south end of Edmonton from 10 am til noon.

    Now here is my dream time frame about what would have happened if we had a second car.

    Wake up and get myself and my daughter ready. Even though it is cold out my daughter could wear a skirt.
    9:15 leave the house and stop at the store and purchase a gift (I was far too tired after crosscamp last night to go then)
    9:35 head to the party, maybe stop somewhere for a tea
    10:00-noon enjoy the party at Let’s Play
    Noon head home
    12:20 pm arrive home

    What really happened
    Wake up and get myself and my daughter mostly ready. Grab breakfast to go. Insist my daughter wears pants for the weather.
    8:10 am bundle up in ski-pants, jackets, toques, mittens, etc. and prepare for the -25 weather
    8:20 am walk over to the store to purchase a gift for the birthday girl (on the walk my daughter was crying because of the frigid wind and blowing snow)
    8:40 am head to the bus stop and wait for the bus
    9:00 am board first bus then transfer to the second bus 20 or so minutes later
    9:45 am arrive at the party before the birthday girl
    10:00- 11:45 enjoy the party at Let’s Play
    Noon head to the bus stop and board the first and then the second bus
    1:00 arrive at the transit station and give my daughter more of my winter clothes and walk home
    1:19 get in the door and finally warm up

    Yep I dream about a second car.