Things that happen when you don’t plan your route

I went for a longer run on Thursday last week. I decided to not plan out how far I was going and just try to go run. I wanted to run for a longer distance so I meandered around and explored great new places in my neighbourhood.

I ended up running almost 7 km which was a good start to my longer runs.

Empowered by this run, I decided to try a similar approach for the next day.

I knew I wanted to run approximately 3 km and end up at the grocery store to pick up some lunch items.

I started out on a regular path but knew I needed to add almost a km to get the 3 in before the store.

So I deviated from my path.

Due to construction and winding streets I had some unexpected training come into play:

Frigging hill training—-
Dodging construction equipment training
Running on uneven surfaces training
Running way further than I meant to training
Running uphill with two plastic bags of groceries training

I ended up with 6.5 km of running. Which was dumb after my run the previous day.


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