Packing up (Week 33)

Today marks a day and a weekend of changes.

I had my last day of full time, permanent employment. I am now in the world of scrambling, casual, unpredictable employment. This makes me nervous and messes with my brain.

I made the choice a month ago that if I was ever going pursue my dream, it should be now.

Most of my dreams involve fanciful hilarity and sarcasm; this one is different.

I earned my B.Ed in 2010. I want to teach.

So I shot-putted my future and my family’s future. NO PRESSURE. And I hope to find a position in a school or at least enough substitute teaching to keep us with a roof and ramen.

So this weekend, along with being a major milestone in stupidity athleticism, is also a transition and a leap of faith.

So today I packed up my office and I packed my bag for the airport tomorrow.

Are either of these the right move? It is too soon to tell.

Life is changing.


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