Where have you been all my life? (Week 33)

I have been alive; I have had both successes and failures, probably more of the latter than the former.


  • Fairly active this entire summer.
  • Running with a small child learning to ride a bike. Seriously though, I think my child will never be able to ride and it will be all MY fault. I am terrible at this.
  • Running without above small child.
  • Running over HILLS WITHOUT injuring myself. (proof below)
  • Eating better. This was not part of the plan but I am pretty happy about it.


  • Keeping up a schedule of running and a plan (also have never kept up a flan either).
  • Running at a quicker pace. I AM SO SLOW.
  • Injuring my knee while crossing my legs during a job interview. It doesn’t hurt much to stand or run but sitting, kneeling, or lying down are all incredibly painful. So sleeping is terrible.
  • Writing about this journey. Life has been busy and work has been busy and decision making is hard.
  • Leaning on others for support. Because I am a stubborn fool.

But this weekend will be the end of my running journey (permanently?).

21.1 km through Regina.

Gasping and crying and wanting to stop.

Chugging copious amounts of liquid for a thirst that cannot be quenched.

With a group of four of us sister-in-laws who are all in dire need of more training, more time, and the strength to make it through.

We will do it though.

And then we will get our sweaty, stinky, exhausted bodies together and hold each other up and take a picture of this journey.



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