I love my daddy


I love my daddy because he is so kind. I love my daddy because he is always nice when I am afraid. Daddy is the best except for Jesus because he is so nice and gentle. He gets mad at me sometimes but he says sorry and forgives me.

I have a funny story for you. I shot poop at my daddy when I was a baby.

I have another story to tell you. I said, “I love you.” And my daddy said, “I love you, too.”

The following are questions I asked Trin about her daddy:

How old is your daddy?


What is your daddy’s middle name?


What is daddy’s favourite colour?


What is daddy favourite TV show?


What is your daddy’s favourite sport?


What is your daddy’s favourite food?

I don’t remember but those mashed potatoes stuff. No, not that. I don’t remember but what are those things with cheese on them that look like potatoes and have white on the outside? (perogies)

What’s your daddy’s favourite game?


What is your daddy’s job?

Hope mission

What does he do there?

He helps people who are sick or really old.

What is daddy’s favourite rock n’ roll band? (question requested by Trin)


Does daddy have any hobbies?

Loving me and mommy.

If daddy were a superhero, what would would his power be?

To save everyone like superman. He could shoot lasers out of his eyes, shoot cold air out of his mouth, and be really strong.



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