Far and Away (Week 16)

I am on the road. After a busy weekend of an eight year old niece’s birthday pool party, cleaning my house, having my baby sister’s SO stay overnight last night, squatting, packing my bags, and repacking my bags, I am finally moving.

I write to you from the comfort of the 3.5 hour greyhound bus trip to Calgary. It would be more comfortable if the wifi onboard was significant enough to run any apps on my iPad. But I cannot even upload or save this post. Peachy keen. My plan of watching too much Netflix was foiled. But it isn’t bad. It is a far cry better from the STC experience from when I was a small child.

Plugins, comfortable seating, “wifi”, and cup holders are pretty luxurious.

I remember talking with the STC bus drivers on my trips around Saskatchewan. And I longed for their job. Even at a young age I remember asking them about how routes were chosen, how many hours they worked, where they stayed each night, how long they had been driving, and I thought it was glamorous. Even when I finally did get my license I enjoyed driving long distances. I was always up for a road trip.

And today I head to Calgary to meet up with my friends. We are going on our ‘grownup’ trip. The two Melissas and the two Vanessas (seriously) are headed to Vegas.

My mission: to not feel so old and surmise that we should have done this trip 10 years earlier 😉

Tomorrow we all fly out. I packed my runners and my sports bra. I hope I am disciplined enough to use them. Or maybe I hope that I am unable to complete that task. Either way, I will keep you all posted.


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