Shoot me now (Week 15)

I am sure glad my antibiotics had a chance to work the past 1.5 days.

The outdoor crosscamp was full of cardio and my lungs are on fire. Maybe I need wine to put it out?

The slow jog to the location worked okay. My leg muscles responded in the normal way: ouch, err, oh yeah, and then ahhh. My lungs began to protest once the 3 sets of those awful stairs began. They just flat out told me, “Nope.” Run, run, wheeze, run, run, wheeze, walk, gasp, walk, run, run, wheeze….

Things got worse once we hit the bridge.

3 rounds of:

15 presses with the band thing
10 squat jumps
15 chest flies with the band
20 scissor jump things
Sprint from the middle of the bridge to the end and then back again

My sprinting was jogging to the end… And then gasping and clutching my chest like an old lady clutches her pearls. And then walking most of the way back.

I muttered or yelled many unladylike things. I declared a lot of things ‘holy’ that aren’t necessarily so.

Especially when the above 3 rounds turned into 4. I shook my fist at Angie though not to her face because she is ripped and terrifies me.

We did other exercises afterward but I simply cannot recall them.

And since my supper is finally ready, I am not even going to edit this post.


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