What is plaguing me? (Week 15)


I feel like a pile of excrement.

I vowed to run this week but my body has not been cooperating.

In the morning I only need 3 things to be able to do a decent run:

  1. Be able to breathe (chest infections/sinus colds are terrible)
  2. Be able to stand for long periods of time 20 minutes in the sunlight (migraines are terrible)
  3. Be able to be away from the bathroom (upset stomachs are terrible)

Yesterday was BONUS time when I suffered all three. It could be the last one was caused by me trying to medicate the first two away. But I figured staggering cold medicine, advil, and tylenol was my best offence against the beastly migraine that woke me at 4 am.

I am headed on vacation in less than a week now. If I am not better by then I will be a lousy companion to my dear friends.


2 thoughts on “What is plaguing me? (Week 15)

  1. 😦 praying for god health (both physically and mentally). Don’t allow your stress or anxiety get the better of you. I know I do it a lot in terms of cancer…so many of my family members had/have it and I freak at the smallest hint of anything. The death of your cousin is way too strong right now. Just one breath at a time 😉 you ALWAYS make a get companion even if you are under the weather. The sun in Vegas will help!

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