What happened when I wasn’t here (Week 14)

Things that happened:

Miles on the elliptical with virtually no pain!

Eating better and tracking my food intake with myfitnesspal

I was last (but finished) this workout routine: 50 burpees, 50 sit-ups, 50 jumping jacks and then 40 kettle bell thrusters, 40 kettle bell swings, 40 medicine ball tricep push-ups and then 30 pull-ups, 30 tricep extensions, 30 scissor jumps and finally 40 box jumps, 40 double crunches, and 40 bicep curl presses.

I also googled “What does my mucus colour mean?” Yes, I am sick.

I had a lovely overnight guest last night.

I travelled over 1600 km in 3 days.

Things that didn’t happen:

I didn’t get to see my co-worker’s new baby. The sickness hangs over my house like a veil of evil. And the one time we weren’t all sick; we were in another province.

Running outside. Between the weather bent on destroying me and lack of opportunity it was sorely missed. I need to get back at it.

Mentally, I am not where I was when I started this journey. Life changes and worries have kept me from where I want to be physically. Does this mean I will simply give up? Not at all. Does this mean I won’t relapse into depression again? I hope so, but I can never be sure. It does mean that I have reconnected with good friends to keep me accountable for these aspects of my life.

Things that happened that I did not want to happen:

I lost a dear cousin. Our family travelled to his funeral and just arrived home yesterday. I am not sure how much I am willing to write on this yet. My facebook status alone took many more tears than I was anticipating.

Things that didn’t happen that I wanted to happen:

I wanted to be strong and back on track with 5 days a week of planned activity. I am not there yet. The person I am most impatient with regarding this fact is myself.

I wanted to write more. I wanted to write about my achievements while I was parenting alone while my husband was out of town, I wanted to write about my nutrition and eating habits improving, I wanted to write about my cousin Danny but despair got the better of me.

Instead you get imperfect me. All of me. My success has always been tempered with my frailty and so this writing and running project will not be any different.

Welcome back.


2 thoughts on “What happened when I wasn’t here (Week 14)

  1. No one expects perfection. Perfection is boring, it is a person’s flaws and imperfections that makes them interesting. You are human, cut yourself some slack sweetie! We love you!

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