Interesting thing I should have read 2 months ago (Week 11)

So my training has been spotty.


  • Super tired
  • Nauseous (going on 3 days now)
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Inability to get to sleep well (going on 4 days)

Things I have tried to make it all go away:

  • taking my meds with/without food
  • talking to my doctor
  • caffeine
  • whining
  • toast eating contests
  • smoothies
  • working out when I can

During this extra time I have been finding stuff I should have figured out before training began.

Like the 10% rule

Apparently you don’t try to run like a fool with no experience… I may have to redo my plan.

And actual helpful techniques other than what to wear

I will probably reread that article weekly. It is THAT good.

I was also told when I bought my new shoes that they would help with hill training, which all runners eventually do. And I nodded even though I was secretly thinking, “Hmmm… I had NO idea…”

So I read some stuff to figure that part out.

So when I conquer this awfulness I will be armed and dangerous! Knowledge is power! Or something.


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