The Truth (Week 10 Day 4)

I survived this morning. I ran around my treacherous neighbourhood while still feeling off from the amount of food I had last night.

But the truth is my daughter is going through a growth spurt and if I DIDN’T eat all those Yorkshire puddings there would have been no hope. Last night my 6 year polished off 3 Yorkshire puddings, a big salad, and a hamburger (random I know but it was leftover night). This morning so far (it is only 9:30) she has had a bowl of corn pops and milk, half a banana, two full glasses of smoothie, and just now two slices of multigrain toast. So I ate more quickly and stuffed myself last night for the two three reasons: 1. I am a moron 2. I was so hungry 3. I was trying to take food from my child…

I feel this spring is kicking my butt. It was super nice out (-3 degrees Celsius) but the amount of ice I am going to be on for weeks is astounding.

This is the point I usually start running at:


So I kept it slow to watch for hazards. I thought about switching to the road but the uneven, frozen, slush terrain made me rethink that idea.


And finally, I shuddered to think about how long it would take for these snow banks to be gone so I could have solid ground again.


I blissfully ran at 6:30 this morning instead of 5 am. I took the day off and the extra sleep was just what I needed.

I better go… My daughter has been without food for 10 minutes so she is probably looking for something to snack on.


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