And I had been doing so well (Week 10 Day 3)

I am a moron.

I have to run tomorrow and we had a late supper. I repeat, I have to run tomorrow. The problem with late suppers is that my body gets cranky when not fed or watered on time. Like VERY cranky and miserable….

And then I overeat. (Did I mention I have to run tomorrow?) I don’t want to tell you the number of Yorkshire puddings I ate tonight… It is truly embarrassing and stupid. I don’t feel well.

How I am going to drag this stomach full of food and carbs outside in the morning? Outside, where I have to go… for my run.

I have been doing quite well up to now; mostly eating healthy portions and throwing in some veggies for good measure.

I need to prepare food sooner.

Late supper = cranky and famished = eating enough for 4 people = stomach ache = idiotic blog entry

Also, I have to run tomorrow.


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