Catching Up (Week 8 Day 7)

The plan for this morning was the long run. I thought maybe I could hit the gym at the right time and have everything line up in my day accordingly.

However, while lying in bed last night I had a thought. Thinking is probably dangerous both in and out of the pool. But I did it anyway.

I realized that though I was super slow at the air squats -which happened at crosscamp on Friday- and I was super terrified to hurt my knee again, I somehow managed to make it through 192 without injury. So maybe -just maybe- I could strengthen my knee so I can stop babying it. I decided this morning to brave the elliptical downstairs.

Bonuses to using the elliptical rather then going to the gym:

  • It is in my basement so I can go on it for longer
  • Potentially strengthen my knee
  • Watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix (I am a 76 year old woman at heart)
  • Using weights for my arms while I am on it
  • Not having to sweep snow off my car
  • It didn’t cost me $6.50
  • 50 minutes later with sore arms and legs (and knowing who the killer was) I was finally done. And my knee was good. I just kept it slow and steady.

    I am looking forward to clear pavement and fresh air.

    BTW an update to the crosscamp workout on Friday (and partially so I don’t forget how much I hated it) it was:
    200 kettlebell swings
    100 push-ups
    192 air squats (didn’t make it to 200)
    And 100 woodchopper sit-ups


    4 thoughts on “Catching Up (Week 8 Day 7)

    1. I love Murder She Wrote. It’s the murder mystery that’s nice and calming, like a cup of tea. She’d be a bit creepy to hang around with though. Anytime she goes anywhere, someone is murdered.

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