The Silly (Week 8 Day 6)

Yesterday I had a first.

My arms were dead after the crosscamp. Could it be the 200 kettle bell swings and 100 push-ups back-to-back nearly killed me? (Not that my legs were doing that well… 192 air squats. Or my abs either… 100 woodchop sit-up things). But my arms are small and weak.

So after the workout last night I was glad I had preplanned a dinner consisting of leftovers.

After I cleared my plate in record time I glanced over at one of my best friends, my dishwasher. Remembering that it was full of cleaned dishes I was suddenly upset.

I made the choice to hand wash the dinner dishes. I hate doing the dishes. I dislike the counter space it takes up, It takes too long, I always manage to throw the dirtiest dish in near the beginning so I have to get new water for my glasses, and the list goes on and on. That is why we rented a place with a dishwasher.

So why did I decided to do the dishes by hand last night? It was for the simple fact that I did not think I could lift the cups and plates to the upper cupboards in the kitchen. My arms could not even be lifted to shoulder-height much less above it.

Kettle bells will be my undoing.


2 thoughts on “The Silly (Week 8 Day 6)

  1. I know the feeling about doing dishes by hand but I have never exercised so hard that my arm are that sore.

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