Daydreams (Week 8 Day 6)

Lately I have been daydreaming about something. It consumes many of my thoughts and hopes. It is simple and mundane. I simply dream of having 2 vehicles for our household.

My husband and I have been ‘making due’ with just the one vehicle for the entirety of our relationship. Think almost 13 years next month.

On some occasions we have to rent vehicles for a time just to make life continue to hum. Take for example next weekend when my daughter and I head to another province while my husband has to work and uses (and frankly needs) the vehicle to do that. So I rented a car for next weekend.

Now if that were the only type of occasion which warranted another car then we would continue to plug along with Annabelle the Ford Taurus. But today made me crazy.

My husband had a workout east of Edmonton at 10 am and then had to work on the north end of Edmonton at 12:30 pm. This works out great as he can take the vehicle to crossfit, then come home and shower, and head to work right after. This works out great except for the fact that my daughter had a birthday party to attend on the south end of Edmonton from 10 am til noon.

Now here is my dream time frame about what would have happened if we had a second car.

Wake up and get myself and my daughter ready. Even though it is cold out my daughter could wear a skirt.
9:15 leave the house and stop at the store and purchase a gift (I was far too tired after crosscamp last night to go then)
9:35 head to the party, maybe stop somewhere for a tea
10:00-noon enjoy the party at Let’s Play
Noon head home
12:20 pm arrive home

What really happened
Wake up and get myself and my daughter mostly ready. Grab breakfast to go. Insist my daughter wears pants for the weather.
8:10 am bundle up in ski-pants, jackets, toques, mittens, etc. and prepare for the -25 weather
8:20 am walk over to the store to purchase a gift for the birthday girl (on the walk my daughter was crying because of the frigid wind and blowing snow)
8:40 am head to the bus stop and wait for the bus
9:00 am board first bus then transfer to the second bus 20 or so minutes later
9:45 am arrive at the party before the birthday girl
10:00- 11:45 enjoy the party at Let’s Play
Noon head to the bus stop and board the first and then the second bus
1:00 arrive at the transit station and give my daughter more of my winter clothes and walk home
1:19 get in the door and finally warm up

Yep I dream about a second car.


3 thoughts on “Daydreams (Week 8 Day 6)

  1. Oh gosh. ❤ I can certainly understand why you'd dream about a second car. Do you think there's any hope of your family getting one in the next few years?

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