What was I thinking (Week 8 Days 4 & 5)

I am not trying to neglect this thing but work has been extremely busy for me the past couple weeks and my creative juices were on standby. So much tedious stuff makes my daydreaming about stats and numbers rather than fanciful entries on the blog.

So I could have wrote about how I made my database queries and what shortcuts I found or about how much I hate the idea of estimating anything. Instead I was oddly silent.

Yesterday was my return to running! Or that was MY plan, the weather simply didn’t agree with me.

A huge drop in temperature along with 15 or so centimetres of snow thought otherwise.

I was okay with it and since I found I just don’t have much time at the gym on the treadmill I had the brilliant idea of swimming yesterday morning.

So I awoke just before 5 am, laid out my daughter’s clothing for the day, mumbled at my husband that I was out the door, and went out to the car.

I had to sweep off all the snow that had accumulated overnight and I shivered as I drove to the pool.

I arrived at the pool (with purse in hand) only to find out that the lifeguard was a no show. And until the replacement arrived from the west end there would be no swimming. I asked for an ETA for the replacement and they estimated 45 min.

Noo! Foiled again!

I thought about running home and trying to get some workout attire and come back but that would not work. Then I thought maybe I could wait and my husband could manage the lunches (which he could) but I then remembers my daughter *may* want to catch her bus.

So instead I moped and returned home.

That story led into today. The day I decided to swim even though I have crosscamp tonight (and I am in fact leaving in 3 min to head there).

Two workouts in one day on a lazy week.

Definitely not thinking clearly.


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