Week 8 (the slacker week…. Okay I hope not)

Today after I finished work my loving 6 year old daughter gave me a hug. Then she gave me a hug so hard that it apparently popped off all my limbs. I decided I was undeterred by my lack of limbs and head and instead hugged her with my belly.

After the hugging and the giggling stopped, my daughter patted my belly and asked, “Are you pregnant, Mommy?”

My face fell. It has been a few years since that was said to me by many acquaintances. Too many times I had to explain that the lump in the front was simply a food baby. It tore me up each and every time.

To hear those words from my daughter was terrible.

I barely squeaked out, ” No, why do you think I am?”

” Because your belly is smaller.” She explained.

….”Smaller… Don’t you mean bigger?”

” No smaller. Your belly is small now so are you pregnant?”

” No, your belly gets bigger when you are pregnant. Why did you think that a small belly meant pregnant?”

“I don’t know. I thought the bigger belly was muscle.”

Bless her heart.


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