Things I don’t even know (Week 7 Days 5 – 6)

Yesterday was a whirlwind of ups and downs. On Friday morning… Like in the wee hours of the morning I had my first hot flashes in quite some time. These hot flashes woke me in the middle of the night. I began sweating from my hands and my forearms. Truly a dreadful and gross experience.

They used to come once or twice a week really bad. I was working on my B Ed and my nasty math group theory class was made even more unbearable. After particularly bad hot flashes I would lift up my arm from where it was resting on the table and there would be a disgusting sweat print. Luckily I was the mom of a 1 year old and carried baby wipes wherever I went.

Why am I getting them again? Well, it has been one week since I began my new regime of medication. My old medicine with its many (and rotten) side effects at least kept the hot flashes and most of my migraines at bay. I keep hoping that it is just a one time occurrence or maybe I just need an adjustment in dosage of my medication.

So I woke up that Friday morning unrested and with a migraine. This is how it normally works; hot flashes pave the way for the migraine. This is why I can’t go back to a medication-free lifestyle; I have a family who needs me to be productive for over 50% of the time.

I (barely) managed to bluster through the morning at work. I was in pain and emotional… Just a very poor way to be while trying to accomplish anything.

The evening was much better as my migraine faded and having crosscamp. We even had a coffee with a few of the others from the class at the nearby Tim Hortons.

Crosscamp was a circuit workout last night. Ten different exercises and some that I had never done before.

Definitely my favourite part about doing the cross camp is the variety. Never a dull moment.

Today I head to a birthday party of a best friend’s girl. Three year olds are a blast!


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