Starting again (Week 7 Day 3)

As disorganized as I was this morning I made it to the swimming pool.

My daughter had a nightmare just before I left… Something about daddy stealing candy and then throwing it out the car window *narrows eyes at dream daddy*. I got her calmed down and in bed with the candy-tosser.

When I got to the pool a couple minutes late, I leaned over to grab my bag and realized I forgot my purse at home. No money to swim. I took a chance and begged for forgiveness when I entered.

Must not forget to bring them money tomorrow.

I did quite well (12 laps in 20 minutes) and my front swims have come a long way since that first sputtering start.

I only nearly drowned once. I was in the middle of the pool doing my back stroke; I had a good pace and a good rhythm going.

I had two thoughts:

1) Wow, I am doing really well at this swimming thing.
2) Oh crap, I can’t swim.

As soon as I thought that I couldn’t do it my body began to sink and my arms seem to forget how to propel me where I needed to go. I was hit with a strange terror. Since I believed I could NOT swim, my body was complying. It was at that moment I wished it got all Disney-fied and people would surround me clapping and saying, ” I DO believe in fairies you can swim, I DO!”

Somehow I shut out my mind until I reached the other side.

Then I pondered how ridiculous that whole situation was before continuing to put my life in danger.

Moral of the story:
Don’t think and swim.


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