New Things are scary (Week 6 Day 6)


So you remember when I complained about being cheap and then about my shoes rubbing? Yeah, I have been totally running in those same shoes for over 3 weeks.

Even with moleskin and band-aids, my blisters have gotten blisters.

My wonderful husband came to the rescue, however. Today he bought me these things of beauty:


They are the same brand that lasted me 5 and a half years. I am a fan of them already and I haven’t even ran with them yet.

My husband even chipped in for those fancy rubber sole thingies with spikes for the terrain I keep going through. He fears for my safety. The fact I run into walls, coffee tables, and other appliances on a regular basis AND that I have broken my toes more times than I can count is probably where his fear come from.


Yesterday I quit my old medicine and began the new stuff.

From a patch I wear every day and a cream I apply 12 days a month to 2 pills daily. This will be a big adjustment. I am hoping it will be positive. I can’t deal with much more negative right now.


Ooooo and the place I do crosscamp and Trinity did her WOD made it on the news.


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