The long, winding road (Week 5 Days 4-7)

I took a break from the regular hum of my life.

My family life got super stressful for a good 30 hours from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon. I could barely breathe and my mind nearly exploded.

But life is back on and we are fully prepared (that’s a lie) for what comes ahead.

You see our family will be moving this summer. When? This summer. Can you be more specific? Nope. Where are you moving? No idea. Are you crazy? I think we established that long ago.

On May 24th my husband will cross a stage and it will be announced where our family will spend the next year. Exciting? For sure. Nerve-wracking? Undoubtably.

What makes it more ‘fun’ is that directly after that service our family will drive 8 hours to Regina because my husband’s youngest brother gets married on the 25th. We hope to be awake enough and not too cranky so that we can celebrate with the awesome couple. My future sister-in-law is one of the awesome crazy people that is doing the half-marathon in September. My 3 wicked (the good kind of wicked) sister-in-laws and I will be busting our butts and completing the course. I am blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my family. You should all be jealous.


Now about today’s run: that was the most fantastic feeling ever!

Today my goal was to run 4 miles or 6.5 km. This would be the longest distance that I had ever ran before in my life.

I woke up this morning begrudgingly and got out of my nice warm bed. It was -4 degrees, so very nice for running. My iPod was left on from my last run by accident so I had no music to keep me going this morning. I was nervous.

I totally hit my stride. My mind began to wander to all sorts of things. I walked for maybe 2 minutes while I tried to fix my shoes and the moleskin. But the rest I ran. I was slow but steady. I took a wrong turn that would have left me shy of my target distance so I darted around parking lots and took longer routes to make up the difference.

That was also the first time I had ever been through the A&W drive-thru without ordering anything.

That run was a thing of beauty and I knew I could have made another kilometre without any problem.

Wow. If only all my runs could go this well.


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