Who contemplates the sky? (Week 5 Day 3)

What a satisfying morning!

I love the water and while I haven’t swam laps in at least 18 years, I never turn down opportunities to be in/near/around/smelling the water.

When I arrived at the leisure centre at 5:30 I was amazed to see that there were over a dozen people already in the pool area. I walked out and expected to head into the slow lane to attempt my swim.

I was interested to see the ‘social event of the season’ going on. There were probably 9 seniors in the slow lane walking around and chatting and having a grand old time. For fear of accidentally smacking an older lady while doing the backstroke, I opted instead to head to the medium lane where there was only one other person.

I was glad at that moment that I had a coworker who had taken up swimming so I knew a tiny bit about etiquette while lane swimming (and I didn’t have to Google it at all). I grabbed a kickboard just in case I tired out right away.

My first lap was the front swim in which I realized my calm breathing and smooth strokes that I began with soon declined into quick breaths and sputtering for air while my limbs stared confused at me. I did the back stroke for the following lap so I could plan out my next attack.

I eventually grabbed a kickboard and began to practice my breathing techniques.

As shoddy as my laps and swimming was, I was expecting much worse. I expected my body to tire too quickly and to be bored (since I don’t have those fancy swimming headphones.)

But I really enjoyed myself.


And to continue my attempts to “keep going on” in this worrisome week I am on to points 4, 5, and 6 from this article from wiki that I began yesterday.

4. Push yourself

Whether it is in a workout or at home, our family tends to strive for tough goals. I have to say we can do this part well.

Grade A

5. Control what you can control

This one is really tough. There are 3 of us in this household and we are all fiercely independent people. So we all like to have control. We are at a point in our lives where very little anymore is within our control. We jump between being completely okay with it to worried about when we can start planning and start to take back control haha. I like firm deadlines and processes. Very little in our life is like that right now.

Grade B- (points for effort)

6. Look up and contemplate the sky, why is it even there?


Grade D


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