Shabam! And other such nonsense. (Week 5 Day 1 & 2)

I am all out of pizazz.

My running life and my (for real) life are running out of energy. Could it be the misplaced coffee recently eliminated from my diet? Very possible.

More likely, however, is the fact that my family is stressed right now. I will keep you updated on the progress of our lives -as I know it- in this form.

Current status:

  • Husband in school
  • Husband working
  • Me working
  • Daughter in school

I will let you know if anything changes. Because this week there may be a shake-up.

I Googled “Keep going on” for ideas on how to make it past this week of doom. I found a helpful wiki article that gave me simple 12 step instructions. I have 4 days to get through so I figured I would try to conquer 3 of those steps each day and give myself a grade. Because who doesn’t love judging themselves in front of the entire internet the few of you that who are kind enough to read this thing.

1. Pace yourself

I went into the gym and ran on the treadmill today and that is awesomely pacing myself, mostly because the machine makes me pace myself. At work and at home I am too busy so that drags down my grade.

Grade B-

2. Be mindful that there are no easy roads so choose a rewarding path and go hard for yours

Sheesh, this one pulls no punches. Quotes like these don’t take into consideration that the tough road may be the wrong one. And you don’t know that until the end of the road and it would be silly to beat your head against the wall to force yourself to continue failing. The rest of the explanation of this step is all about positive thinking…. I am all about realistic thinking.

Grade D

3. Congratulate yourself when you reach small milestones.

I think I DO actual do this. This writing has been a source ‘beating my own drum’ as I complete my daily workouts. Heck, I am at week 5 already! And as far as life is concerned, my family has been amazing this past year. We made it through many trials together and continue to baby step our way onward. (Does that remind anyone else of the What about Bob movie?)

Grade A- (don’t need a swelled head)


Today I didn’t battle the elements but instead got stuck on a stepmaster thing at the gym until a treadmill opened up. My cardio was fantastic and I would have aimed for a faster pace if I would have known how good I would feel when I was finished.

Also a bonus this morning was that when I woke up and could straighten my arms without pain. I am looking at you, bosu ball bicep curls.

Tomorrow I attempt swimming laps and other such nonsense!

Edited to add: got a swanky new haircut






5 thoughts on “Shabam! And other such nonsense. (Week 5 Day 1 & 2)

  1. I just want to say that I’ve been following along on your journey, and I am very proud of you for the accomplishments you’re making! Well done!!

    This is a big thing, and you’re doing brilliantly.

  2. Reading this is keeping me going too. Ps – love the swanky new haircut and I think it’s perfect timing for something fresh and new to shake you up. It’ll keep you going 🙂

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