Fresh Snow (Week 4 Day 6 & 7)

It has been an interesting day full of reflection.

I hate these days. I sit and I think and I worry and I second guess myself.

As I ran through the fresh snow this morning, my feet unexpectedly struck small puddles of slush. My feet were now wet. Discouraging and blindsiding me as my run was just beginning.

The dampness of the snow made my feet continually slip step by step as I moved, I was blazing a new trail as my feet were the only footprints on the sidewalk. I felt like I was going nowhere. I was moving, but so slowly. I thought my goal of running the entire length would not happen (and I was correct). As my feet pushed off the snow my calves ached and groaned.

I began searching for something, anything to keep me going. A familiar face, landmark with memories, a car, some wild rabbits… But there didn’t seem to be anything out with me.

As I finally began to see a few other footprints I felt less alone. The familiar sight of one small wheel and footprints in a line confirmed that this road had a paper delivery already. I speculated on the route of another set of running tracks. How far did they run? Why didn’t they head down the only downhill portion in this area?

With the snow slightly falling in my eyes as I ran east I was trying to remember those who had not shovelled their walks. With the soft white blanket, everything looked flat and clear even though there were rough icy patches beneath.

My legs were giving out far before my lungs were. I made it to the same spot that I did last week and I pushed myself hard to get there.

I made it through. Five kilometres later and I felt pretty good about my run and I smiled to myself. A great feeling even though I looked back and saw my missteps, my failures, and remembered my pain.

My family is going through a run now. But we have not made it to the end yet.

I can’t wait to look back on this and smile.


4 thoughts on “Fresh Snow (Week 4 Day 6 & 7)

  1. You are doing wonderful Vanessa! I’m sure those rabbits will be back — it’s funny because when I lived at my apartment there was a rabbit that liked to sit under a tree u could see when using the treadmill. It always brought a smile to my face when she was there…

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