It’s a Trap! (Week 4 Day 5)

My knee is feeling fabulous today! I iced it yesterday and last night and the stairs in my house no longer give me pain.

It was a good thing that I was healed because I got my butt kicked tonight at bootcamp…. Which they are now calling crosscamp to signify that is it a cross between bootcamp (which is difficult) and crossfit (which insane people do). I signed up for bootcamp…. I feel like I got a bit of a ‘bait and switch’.

It’s a trap!

After the warm-up we did two rounds of 4 sets of 3 exercises in each set…. I am not sure if that’s correct. My mind is still weary from the pace and intensity. I sure pushed myself today.

My first station was push-ups, bosu ball bicep curls, and tricep dips. (12 at a time) I think I did 48 of each if my math is correct.

The second station I learned how to something-with-a-bar that I can’t remember, pull-ups (with a band), and burpees. (7 at a time)

The third station was back squats, evil wheels, and stability ball quad curls. (10 at a time)I was surprisingly able to do fairly well with the last one; no doubt due to the running I have been doing.

On the fourth station we had 5 stairs, rowing until you hit 10 calories burned, and skipping 60 times.

Each of these stations you did as many as you could in order and restarting for four minutes and then moved to the next station. Then we got a 2 minute rest and we started it again.

The highlights of the night were not anything I was doing , however.

The highlights involved my daughter mimicking her mom and dad’s routines. When we ran stairs she ran around the top floor, when we did push-ups so did she, and when we were pressing the bar she was pressing her banana. What a kid haha!

She also left a note for Angie our regular trainer. We did not find this out until the drive home. Angie was away tonight because she is competing in Lloydminster this weekend and my daughter thinks she is fantastic.

The note said:

Dear Angie,

Could 5 dollars let me do a little workout? (She inserted a box for Angie to answer her) When you see me give me this card back.

From your friend Trinity
PS I’ll talk about it then

❤ I love that kid


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