My Funny Valentine (Week 4 Day 4)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

My husband and I are soooo romantic.

Conversation on Monday is a case in point.

Husband: Are we doing anything for Valentine’s Day?
Me: umm aren’t you working out?
Husband: Yes, but we aren’t doing anything else?
Me: Nope.

Now ladies, don’t be jealous of the above exchange. I am not trying to brag or anything. This is just a clear picture of what our household is like.


Today was a write off. I have one knee that hates me and every once in a while it gives me issues. Last night/this morning was one of those times. I think it may have to do with the elliptical the day before. I know I can’t ride a bike because the bending my knee causes extremely sharp pain. I may have to rethink my cross training day and swim some laps instead of using the elliptical. I will try it next week. Because not being able to run this morning put me in a foul mood.

Note: swimming laps is going to be a ridiculous endeavour because I have not done laps since I was fourteen.

Note 2: I also e-diagnosed my knee problems with an elaborate survey and it says it is either arthritis or tendinitis. My e-treatment said to ice it and rest it (which is what I did today).

Note 3: I also found this picture funny… Is there something wrong with me?


Well I better get going. I am about to make supper for my family.


2 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine (Week 4 Day 4)

  1. I keep telling myself I should run laps, but I fear flailing about like an idiot. In the pool, I mean. Out of the pool that is just standard.

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