Wake up and smell the roses (Week 4 Day 3)

Things I didn’t do today:

  • I haven’t drank any coffee (and am still awake)
  • I haven’t put on any make-up (because I knew I would be rubbing my eyes because I would be so tired… see above)

Things that I did today:

  • elliptical run (though my elliptical seems to be reticent to display anything on the screen and I didn’t have the time or brian <— {legit typo} power to look at it before work)
  • Made myself a smoothie after getting everyone ready and out the door for the day
  • Got my last blood test done for my doctor- This is the last step before I begin a new treatment in March. I am very excited, as excited as one can be about medication that may or may not do anything.
  • I received some roses delivered right to my work place

Roses with a note


In remembrance of our rose competition.



My friend and I are competitive about very stupid fantastic things.

One of those competitions was born in high school, the year we first met. At school we had those candy-gram things where you could send notes with a candy (or a rose). Somehow we got to betting that neither of us would get any roses. It quickly degenerated into a bickering mess, “No way! You will get roses and I won’t!” But we were both counting (and hoping) on not receiving roses. You heard that correctly. We didn’t want roses. We wanted the least amount of roses.

Somehow that year I got one. And as silly as it was it sounds it made me mad because I was losing to Double. But then we made it more interesting and decided that this could be a high school long battle.

Once that decision was made, Double got ruthless. She snuck into my house the next year and placed a whole bunch of those fake little roses all over my bed. Luckily I had splurged and sent her a rose and she had a romantic boyfriend who filled her room with real roses.

We also figured out a reward for the person who won the Got-the-least-amount-of-roses-on-Valentine’s-day-in-three-years-of-high-school-competition (or rose competition for short). The loser (aka the one who got the most roses) of the competition would have to buy the winner a single yellow rose for Valentine’s Day the year after high school.

After grade 11, Double was still winning by one rose. Between the rose I got her and the roses she got from her boyfriend it equalled out to the amount of fake ones she placed on my bed.

There was also a new rule added: the roses must be real going forward.

It was not looking good for me.

The last and final year of the competition I managed to sneak ahead/behind and finished with less roses total!

I was the winner, and while I never got that yellow rose, I got something far greater. Double stood up for me as my maid of honour when I was married 11 years ago. And as amazing as that is, the story gets better. At the end of a fun bridal shower there was one gift left. It was from Double. She presented me with a crystal rose. I laughed and I cried and I recounted the story to all those in attendance.

Some of the best memories of my life were made with Double. And she managed to make another with these impromptu roses.

I love ya girl!



4 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the roses (Week 4 Day 3)

  1. maybe one year I will actually get you a yellow rose lol. the only reason u didnt get one the year after graf was I was in tx being a nanny 🙂
    thanks for all the memories.

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