What’s the opposite of “drop it like it’s a bad habit”? (Week 4 Day 2)

This morning was good. It was +1 degrees and there was much less ice and snow on the sidewalks. There was some mushy and slushy stuff but I survived through it with only minor splooshes of dirty slush on me.

It was a short 2.3 miles with nothing of interest to report (besides the obligatory sighting of wheelbarrow man and some rabbits).

Though the Cranberries and Garbage got me through the run I think it is time to break down and buy more music. This unfortunately means I will lose a bunch too as I have no old backup of my iTunes (thought I did but I was incorrect).

I am terrible at remembering song names, artists, or keep any of that straight. I will hear some music, take a mental note of the song or artist, and then promptly forget it. I have given up on all manner of trivia bits and pieces of all kinds: music, movies, passwords. My husband either celebrates or laments that I don’t remember if we have seen specific movies (note: we always have seen them). In my mind it is all made new and interesting and I can experience the same movie and have a different opinion on it each time. I am virtually the same way with music. I stick to that which I know and have heard far too often largely because that is what I can recall.

So, what music do you listen to while you work out? Suggestions? Links? I need all the help I can get.

Along with the good run this morning being wonderful for my 1/2 marathon preparation it is also a nice preparation for our Shrove Tuesday night. I am excited to get together with friends for this annual tradition of feasting on pancakes at a restaurant that really should not have to put up with us.


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