Pumped (Week 3 Day 7)

I was worried last night when I saw that the temperature was going to be -20 Celsius for my run.

Amazingly, when I checked this morning upon waking up it was a significantly warmer -10 degrees.

I finished my 3 miles or 5 km feeling fabulous about my run.

The highlights:

  • The distance was the same as where I left off this summer
  • I managed to forget about my pain, the cold, and my footing for a minute while my mind wandered to other things
  • The route was slightly modified and it turned out fantastic
  • The moleskin on my foot protected me while I wait for new running shoes
  • My calves burned in a good way
  • I could feel myself getting much stronger and I could run on the snow-covered sidewalks with (relative) ease
  • My cardio is greatly improved
  • When I woke up my family I blathered on about my run. Knowing that this run was just a bit less than a quarter of the half marathon gave me hope that I can and will finish that race.

    I also enjoyed a nice healthy smoothie afterward and a slice of peanut butter toast. My smoothie included some juice, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, banana, and a little bit of water completed it. I wish I could put some dairy in it but I have my dietary limitations to work within.


    It is also very nice to have my daughter enjoy one with me. 🙂



    2 thoughts on “Pumped (Week 3 Day 7)

    1. I use a meal replacement powder, water, mixed berries and a banana for my smoothies. Adriana also now gets some – so quick for breakfast in the morning! 🙂

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