Least amount of work (Week 3 Day 6)

This writing portion of the half marathon project/goal/thing has been much easier than I expected.

Besides the editing I need to do (seriously I was math major), the writing has been less like pulling teeth, which is what I expected, and more natural. I just clack away and words pour out. The key I think is the fact that I am writing about exercise. Run then write about it; go to bootcamp then write about it. I am simply doing stuff and reporting on it in a long-winded fashion. I don’t need to come up with new ideas and I rarely plan the entries out. It is easy. I don’t know if the writing is any good but it is easy. Haha

Now the exercise portion has been less forgiving and more unrelenting.

It haunts and taunts me. I secretly wish (not secret anymore) that things will go wrong that will keep me from completing the day. Yesterday for example, our car was being unreliable earlier that day when my husband got a flat out of town. My mind hoped that the process of getting a new tire would cause me to miss bootcamp. Which is unrealistic because bootcamp was more than 6 hours later. When my husband was home and told me that the battery light was coming on, I thought maybe it would not start and I would be safe. Then when I was on my way there and the light show started I called my husband and asked if I should head back home ASAP. I didn’t but I wanted to.

Today is one of my two rest days in the week. And I covet these days. Oddly I feel like I am forgetting something. But that is just a passing thought.

Today was the day I was going to buy new shoes. But our car is immovable. So that task will have to wait.

(Plus I have some moleskin to try out on my feet for tomorrow.)


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