Lengthy Days (Week 3 Day 5)

Tonight began with bootcamp and a car that was acting a little suspicious (but I bugged it to find out its secrets). The car had the battery light on, and then the ABS light, and then the brake lights lit up on the panel. I was almost at bootcamp when the dash lights began to dim. I was prepared though and did have my battery booster if my car decided to be especially mean.

I made it to bootcamp and I may never feel my arms again. Push-ups, flys, rows, other things I don’t know the names of, skull crushers, and then the occasional leg activity thrown in was the poison for tonight. I was slow and struggling to learn some of the new moves and it was a disappointing evening.

But I went and I worked my butt off and I will be back next week.

I also had plans for tonight after my workout.


Now, I am a homebody. I never used to be but my husband has worn me down over the years to his side of things. I think having a child in the picture also helped move me to enjoy my home.

Left to my own devices I just don’t do a ton outside my house. I rarely call people to make plans, I may invited people to my house, and I go to bed at a ridiculously early time.

This is sort of sad because I love people. I love to laugh and talk and eat. I love to hear how people are doing and pick their brains for insights. I love the varied conversations. But I am a lazy friend.

So on nights with planned activities (like tonight) I have a difficult time staying focused and awake.

Now with these plans tonight I needed the vehicle to drive. I just wanted the car to do its job. I don’t think that it is a lot to ask. But I am often wrong.

Unfortunately on the way home the car decided to be the devil and put on its light show again. Then it started dimming all the lights and nearly stalling. Awesome. Somehow Annabelle still got me home.

It was then that I had to rely on friends to get me to my evening activity. It was an activity that would keep me up past my bedtime (of 9 pm). We were making cards (which I have never done) and using samples to learn different techniques (that I didn’t follow). I was less than a conversationalist tonight. Instead I focused on my haphazard crafting ways.

And I didn’t even say anything inappropriate!

Well, there is a first time for everything.


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