Quotes are dangerous beasts (Week 3 Day 3)

So I forgot to start this week with a quote. In fact, I may forget the next 30 weeks as well… and I am more determined than ever to convince you that searching the internet for quotations is anything but ~ inspirational ~.


Do you remember how I had remarked:

I also like the quote because it comes from a car salesman. How random is that? I wish it had come from an elevator repair man instead but I guess with randomly choosing quotes on the internet that I should not be so picky.

Well today I went off to search for an actual quote from an elevator repair man.

Don’t judge me.

The internet leads me in odd directions.

Well I found two from a guy who started a elevator repair company and I am utterly sad/horrified about what quotes I found:

“If the world had had to depend on the inventive and constructive ability of women, we should still be sleeping on the plains.”

“all women’s colleges should be burned.”

Alonzo Bertram See



Happy thoughts!

There are some beautiful things on-line to make me happy. Like the below Garfield comic strips minus Garfield.


I tend to think that my toes are jealous because my fingers are not broken repeatedly. My toes tend to think they can go through solid objects. My toes also taught me a valuable lesson to “quit being nice to my husband.”*

My toes were moving this morning though! It was elliptical day! I really am not that excited about it! But I thought maybe I could boost my lacklustre mood with some exclamation points! It may be working!

Along with the lacklustre mood I also have zero energy.

I am taking all my medicine. I am getting to bed quite early. My eating habits have improved.

Any ideas on what to do to boost your energy?

* We lived in a basement suite and Quinn was working nights at the men’s shelter. One morning the phone rang in our bedroom and I was cognisant of Quinn’s sleeping patterns then and since the phone was on his side of the bed I decided NOT to be mean and crawl over him to grab the phone. So I (in my utter kindness and wonderfulness), jumped out of bed to run around the perimeter of it. As I was turning the corner at the foot of the bed I stepped down quickly too close to bed and my baby toe caught on the frame. As I stepped down and screamed bloody murder, I instantly thought “this only happened because you were nice to your husband.” I instantly concluded that being nice to your husband would cause you to break your toe. And thus I was never nice to my husband again. That was in 2004.


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