Week 2 day 5 & 6

What an evening of bootcamp!

It was an easier night than last week (or I am just far less sore). Mostly, because we had to work in pairs to complete the workout. We had a list of exercises to do. One person could only work out at a time, so there was a lot of trading off during the routine. The other person could cheer you on, regain their strength and breath, and count.
Together my husband and I accomplished: 
  • 100 bosu ball push-ups 
  • 150 box jumps (with my rock star husband jumping onto a 3 foot high box!) 
  • 200 kettle bell swings 
  • 250 Swiss ball sit-ups 
  • 274/300 thrusters with the bar (but ran out of time to complete them)
I felt much better about this workout than the last one. I work well on a team with my husband. Maybe this is why he gets crazy giddy every Friday when we work out together?

It also helped to know that my daughter was having a blast upstairs having her own personal dance party. I have a feeling that she will be far more active into her adulthood than my husband and I ever were. 

This is a rest day today and it is pretty strange to not wake up early or mentally prepare for something horrendous later. 

Today I need to stock up on fruits and snack foods to give me the energy I need to get through another week of early mornings.

Have a great day!

And also a happy birthday to my mom! I believe she is 29 today πŸ˜‰

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