Week 2 Day 4 & 5

So I dropped the ball yesterday (blogging). My day was insane. Here is a timeline:

4:45 am Wake up and greet the day with sunshine and rainbows! and get lunches packed, clothes laid out, and my workout gear on (also had to start the car because it was -38 with the wind chill again).

5:15 am I head out to the car and wheelbarrow man greeted me and wished me well on my run. Okay, that is a lie. Wheelbarrow man has never spoke to me or even nodded at me when I awkwardly wave at him but he was walking past my car when it was time for me to head to the gym (and that is extremely unusual).

5:26 am I arrive at gym and one of the regulars starts a prying conversation.

Prying Gym Regular (PGR): Oh so, you are normally here in the evenings….?

Me: Nope I normally run outside but it has been too cold.

PGR: (seemed satisfied that I would not be taking their machines too regularly)

5:30 am Forgot my iPod, and they didn’t turn on any music so I was stuck staring at my own reflection as I ran. Supremely unmotivating! After my run, PGR showed me how I can watch a scene of mountains or forests to run through (must be the only feature that works on those machines).

6:10 am Arrive home and my daughter is dressed and eating breakfast and my husband is showering. I get showered later, dressed, and ready to go.

7:03 am Leave the house to meet Trinity’s bus (yes, she gets on that early in the city)

7:10 am This is the time that my husband usually drops me off at work and then he goes to work or school. Yesterday though, I went to Starbucks.

7:25 am With coffee purchased and kindle in hand (I am reading book 2 in the Mira Grant trilogy, Newsflesh) I settle down to kill an hour.

8:30 am I get bundled up and walk to the transit centre to wait for my bus.

8:47 am Bus to the doctor’s office.

8:52 am Read more; wait forever.

9:45 am Finally get to see my doctor and she is awesome. Basically I walked into my doctor’s office with an article from a medical magazine. It had some preliminary findings with a small group of 5 women with my condition. There are a couple studies in the US that are using these meds (none that I can get involved with, unfortunately). My doctor and I have decided to give the plan a try.

10 am Snag a ride to work from my co-worker

10 am – 4 pm I was so tired I could barely think. I cancelled a date with some lovely ladies that were supposed to come to my house last night.

4:15 pm Arrived home to relieve the marvellous lady who grabs my child off the bus at 3:30 pm and hangs out at my place until I get home. We chatted and were both grumpier than normal (though her one year old son can always illicit a smile from me).

4:45 pm Got my daughter’s swim bag ready (for her last day of Red Cross level 1) and when my husband arrived we were out the door. He dropped us off at the pool and then headed to crossfit class.

6:15 pm We had a mad dash after swimming lessons (and finding out my daughter passed level 1) to get dressed and dry and out the door; we didn’t miss the bus home.

6:35 pm Arrived home and began making supper.

7:00 pm Husband arrived just in time to eat the food while it was still warm.We chatted for a while and then I asked him to put the girl to bed so I could hit the sheets earlier to battle my fatigue.

8:00 pm – 6:00 am SLEPT LIKE A ROCK

Tonight is Bootcamp. I plan to be sore and maybe cry a little.

I also officially registered for the Queen City 1/2 Marathon.

Instantly regretted it. That’s a good sign… right?


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