Week 2 Day 3

I am cheap. I would rather find a way to make something work (that I already own) rather, than buying the proper tool for the job.

Example 1:

I bought the wrong vacuum bags so I used part of the old vacuum bag (which was the wrong kind too but I had made that one work) and some zip ties to form a seal that fits the bag snugly to the vacuum.

Example 2:

Running gear

So it was no surprise when early this morning I fashioned an iPad strap (With zip ties of course) to attach my elliptical to my sweet sweet giver of Netflix, my iPad (for those of you not acquainted with my new friend who appeared at Christmas). I would give the iPad a name but that would surely spur jealousy from my own husband.

But watching TV does make working out better. AND treats make TV better… potential plan in the works?

The run elliptic slide movement is so much different than running outside. I feel like my legs are doing something wrong and I am disjointed in my actions and my elliptical needs a couple bolts tightened (just don’t tell my husband because he said that to me over a year ago…) In short, I am whining today.

Please *do* let me know if I become even more whiny because that is not my intent at all. In fact, I am not sure if I even have an intent. Maybe just the fact that I am writing to keep motivated? That sounds pretty lacklustre.

Hooray, stay motivated.

Maybe I need a secondary purpose to the blog?

  1. Keep motivated
  2. Something super cool and interesting

If you have any ideas please let me know.

Also, I vow to tell you all I know about wheelbarrow man sometime soon.

I think an early bed time is in order. I have been half-asleep and in ‘la la land’ all day. I’ll send you a postcard.



2 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 3

  1. How did I not know about this blog? I am excited for the awesomeness, excited for the runningness, excited for the blondefulness and mostly just excited that you are so exciting. Go you!

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