Week 1 Day 7

Sunday was supposed to be my long run outside day. But due to poor planning, it didn’t happen (when husband is away… something something play?)

Apparently, you can’t just go for a run in the morning and leave your 6 year old at home and asleep in bed, alone.


But I did manage to remain active throughout the day. I did some time (that sounds positively penal) on the elliptical and I went swimming with my daughter. I also braved the Superstore for an hour and a half in between. And if I had not promised my daughter swimming I would have went home after that trip and relaxed on the couch. My hatred of large stores with small children is continually compounded when my daughter is spending over 10 minutes making a decision about whether to buy a $3.00 notebook, one for $2.49, or another for $1.49. All this discussion over a tool to track her stuffed animals’ sicknesses. Really.

Especially because after all that she decided to save her money for something else so she didn’t use up “all her dollars”.

Now let’s magically get back on track with this entry.


I am glad I did take her swimming. 1) Because she needs to work on her front swim (because she wants to get to ‘level 2 where there are games’) 2) I love the water and after my brutal workout on Friday I was still sore and the water felt so very nice 3) Hot tub 4) I spied the indoor gym at our local swimming pool while I was there.

Knowing where that is happens to be extremely beneficial to my workout tomorrow. Beneficial in the way that means I will actually work out tomorrow. I refuse to run outside tomorrow.

You heard read that correctly. I refuse to run outside tomorrow.

The forecast is a bone-chilling -27 degrees Celcius (-16.6 F) with a wind of doom to bring it down to -38 degrees (-36.4 F). D:

I am pretty sure that if I googled “running when it is -38 degrees” it would call me some non-pleasant names and then insult my mother.

Wow. I am not brave enough for that.

So instead, tomorrow I will get dressed and be at the local swimming pool (provided poor Annabelle, the car, will start) and hit the treadmill at 5:30 am. And my body will thank me.


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