Week 1 Day 4

Every twinge of pain has me worried. My co-workers (thanks) told me about these marathon runners whose toenails fell off due to the stress they put their body through.

Now I am paranoid.

Not the type of paranoid that researches how valid and true those claims are (I am too scared to do that) but I did find myself overanalyzing my run today.

Oh I tried to block it all out. I tried to focus on the two jackrabbits that ran down the city streets with me today. I tried to put thoughts in their minds as they hopped throughout the neighbourhood. (These were clearly training bunnies for some secret animal helper society sent to get me in shape.) But I kept getting drawn back to thinking about my bad breathing and my sore body and how much harder the ground felt today.

When I ran into my wheelbarrow man friend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to figure out how to tell you how awesome and mysterious he is so I can write about him. But instead of figuring out ingenious ways to tell his story, I wondered if my knees were okay and I wondered why my thighs and hands were much colder than on the last run.

It didn’t help that my iPod is sorely lacking new music (iTunes + Dell laptop circa 2007= neither work) so I have not downloaded anything new since 2010 (maybe even 2009 if I am being honest with myself). This same music that was fast paced and kept me moving for couch to 5k has now become ineffective and monotonous.

So I focused on my pain and the cold.

Utterly bad.

And the sad part about all this pain and complaining is that the only pain that even lasted after the run was that my hip sockets hurt a tiny bit.

Google answer: could be from running on snow and having your feet slipping back

Maybe if I run to BB King I will at least be entertained again.

On an unrelated note, I was at a staff Christmas supper tonight and my boss picked out Winnie the Pooh characters to describe all of us. Can any of you guess which character was picked for me?


3 thoughts on “Week 1 Day 4

  1. a friend of ours did end up having toe nail issues but not till closet to her training. I was in shock! and bb is a good choice. were u tigger?

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