Week 1 Day 3

I probably sound like a broken record (here is a link for the young crowd that might not know what that means) but I have no experience or training to take on this task.

When I began to plan early this month I needed information quickly and accurately on how to train step-by-step for a half marathon. Again google was my friend. Most of the programs that I found (okay all of them) were 12-16 weeks long and either assumed that you already run x number of miles per week or that you would run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes for the entire program. None of them suited where I was and am. So I knew I needed some time (and microsoft excel) to figure out what to do over the 33 weeks.

Every program I saw had a day or two labelled: Cross Train or the more ‘hip’ sites said XT.

I didn’t know what those meant. So I ignored them and set out to work and plan.

Finally After I had pasted one of the completed tentative training tables into excel, it was time to finally to figure out what I had to do to ‘cross-train.’ In my mind it could have been a mythical religion-mobile or something equally as fantastical. Seriously, please don’t laugh. I didn’t know what the term meant. It is a secret (not any more) shame.

One of the sites was very nice and told me, “On easy days, you can cross-train with an activity such as cycling or using an elliptical trainer.” I was very excited because we own an elliptical which meant I could actually do XT or Cross Training.

But then I was hit with the awful truth. Something that I had not even considered.

I thought I could do all my winter training on the elliptical.

Now, I had to brave the winter.

Now, I have to run outside.

As you may have read I was successful yesterday and today was my easy day, inside and warm and nothing but the comforts of home. So this morning at 5 am I got on my elliptical and I watched the first episode of the IT crowd on Netflix. 23 minutes of show and 7 minutes of deciding what-to-do-to-occupy-myself-for-the-next-seven-minutes later, I was finished. I dragged my butt up to the kitchen, drank some more water, made myself a slice of toast with peanut butter, and waited for it to be 6 am so I could head to the shower.

I was barely moving at all on the elliptical, I may have been still asleep and I was ready for bed again right afterwards.

Weirdly Psychotically I preferred running outside yesterday. Was it more difficult? Yes. Was it cold? Oh yeah. Did I curse some swears? More than a few.

But I was actually awake when I finished and the cold kept me moving faster.

Feel my head. I might be coming down with something.


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