Week 1 Day 2

Today’s task/challenge was to run for 20 minutes.

The actual challenge started a few days ago though. That was when I googled “what to wear to run outside in the winter”. It is notable that the internet did not (as I had expected) say, “Don’t do it!” Instead it led me to sites which gave me very specific advice about how to keep warm and safe.

I found sound advice from a North Pole marathon runner and a list:

“-Compression long-sleeve top

-X-Static long-sleeve top

-Windblocker half-zip top

-Compression full tights

-Windblocker tights


-Running cap

-Running shoes with Yaktrax”

The problem with this list is that I don’t own any of these things. So I quickly discarded that advice and found out another site with yet another list. This one had reasons for you to own these things.

1. Baselayer They mention not wearing cotton because it is not good for moisture. They say synthetic is best. So I wore a cotton t-shirt and a snug cotton bunnyhug (hoodie or hooded sweatshirt for those not familiar with the saskatchewan vernacular).


“This should not be confused with a winter coat. Your jacket should be a wind and water resistant shell coat with a little bit of lining to keep you warm.” So I own a brown and black dress jacket and a leather jacket I got from work as a gift. This is the extent of my jacket capabilities. So I decided on the next best thing, a second oversized cotton bunnyhug.

3. Running Tights

“This is winter running’s greatest invention. Learn to love them. Tights are the single most versatile piece of clothing in your winter running arsenal.” Wow I was blown away by this. It sounded fantastic! I don’t have those either so I opted for the thrifty old knee high socks that had gotten holes in the toes so I cut out the feet. I wore those along with my regular running socks.

4. Wind-Resistant Pants

I own pants so I decided to wear them… this time.

5. Neck Gaiter


6. Face Mask


7. Hat

“Hats and gloves are very important.” Hooray, I have these both!

8. Gloves


9. Goggles

“Have you ever had your eyelids freeze shut? Ever gotten brain-freeze from the wind?” No that sounds awful! I hope I never have to wear my goggles from swimming….

So I was all set for this morning!

As you can see:
Me in my hodgepodge ill-fitting clothing glory! This is a thing of beauty?

Somehow in my months of not running regularly, I was able to run the entire time today and not stop for a walk portion, not slip on the ice, and not freeze myself (who needs expensive running gear anyhow?)

I also managed to return from work and crank out some evil burpees of doom.

Even though months had passed since I did my last route I fell into a pattern of thinking. I staved off the mind shouting, “I just have to stop,” and instead implanted the distraction technique; maybe I could find a better song. I was also pleasantly surprised when I ran into my old friend (though he doesn’t know we are friends) this morning on my run, wheelbarrow guy. But that is a story for another entry.

I managed to cover 3.2 km on my journey this morning.

Tomorrow I explore cross-training.


6 thoughts on “Week 1 Day 2

  1. u amaze me and get mu highest respect… I for sure would have slipped at least 10 times and fallen…aaaaaand I am not up to no 3.2 km continous jogging……

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